Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WebQuest Description

Reasons for the Seasons WebQuest

You've Been Hired!!
An educational publishing company hired YOU to produce posters for middle school science classrooms.  Your first poster is to be one that shows the causes of seasons on Earth.  Since many students have wrong ideas (misconceptions) about what causes seasons, it is very important that your poster is accurate.

Your poster will answer the question, “What causes the seasons?”.  

Before you can start your poster, you must research two things:
-student ideas and misconceptions about seasons
-the science behind the seasons.
Part 1:  Misconceptions about the Seasons

Research the websites provided below to view common misconceptions students may have about the seasons.  





List four misconceptions on this sheet.

_______ Ms. Medina’s initials (YOU CANNOT GO ON WITHOUT IT!)
Part 2:  Earth’s Tilt

Guiding Question: How does the Earth's tilt affect the seasons?

Use the websites below to help create a set of notes explaining how Earth's tilt affects all four seasons in New Jersey

Include the following in your notes using bullet points and illustrations:  
  • the shape of Earth’s orbit
  • the significance of Polaris
  • Earth’s tilt with the axis drawn correctly
  • the Sun’s position in relation to Earth
  • Earth’s tilt on its orbit as it revolves
  • the effects of direct/indirect sunlight
  • the names of the seasons and special days of the year





_______ Ms. Medina’s initials (YOU CANNOT GO ON WITHOUT IT!)

Part 3:  The Seasons Poster

Now, you are ready to make your poster!
 The Earth’s seasons change as it revolves around the Sun.
The Earth’s seasons change as it revolves around the Sun.
Where is the Earth when it is summer, winter, fall, and spring?
Does the Earth tilt toward or away from the Sun?
How does the Earth’s tilt affect the seasons?  
A labelled illustration of the Earth revolving around the Sun throughout the year that shows Earth’s locations during the equinoxes and solstices. 

There are additional websites below to continue your research.  Your paycheck will depend on how many accurate items are included in your poster.





You must include the following on your poster to get your full paycheck*:
  • Title of poster ($1)
  • Neatness & color  ($2)
  • Sun ($1) 
  • Earth in four different locations ($4) 
  • Labels for winter, spring, summer, and fall ($4) 
  • Tilt ($4) 
  • Color in day and night on all 4 Earths ($4) 
  • Short paragraph attached explaining the reasons for the seasons ($4)  
  • Put your name and period on the back of your poster ($1)

*Fine Print:  Your paycheck will be the paid in points in your assessment grade.  : )

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